AWS Tools for Powershell

Goals Set up the tools Get familiar with the tools Launch some instances Launch the full stack from VPC to Windows Based EC2 Instances  with a Domain Controller, IIS Web Server, Remote Desktop Gateway What You Need Basic PowerShell knowledge Powershell v2 or later / Windows Management Framework Powershell ISE AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell […]


Git Quick Reference


Designing a Highly Available Web App Infrastructure

This activity starts with an app running on a single EC2 instance in a single availability zone. Then I make it highly available by cloning it and deploying it in an Auto Scaling group behind an Elastic Load Balancer that spans two availability zones. Create an image of an existing Amazon EC2 instance and use […]


Deploying A Web App on EC2

Build a VPC and deploy a web app onto an EC2 instance using a user data script to configure the server and application code.

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Deploying Code on AWS Lambda using GitHub and AWS Cloud9

I live in Plymouth MA and spend a fair bit of time on the water during the summer time in and around the area here and on Cape Cod. What I needed was an Alexa skill to give me the tides for my favorite beaches. But there wasn’t one available for my region. So I made one called Cape Cod Tides.


AWS CLI Cheat Sheet

The AWS CLI is a handy and extremely powerful tool for managing resources on AWS from a local shell. In this post we will walk through the process of setting up the AWS CLI on a Linux Machine ( I use the Linux Subsystem on Windows which gives me an Ubuntu bash). Then we begin using the […]


Don’t Use PuTTy – Natively Connect to an AWS Linux instance via SSH on Windows Instead

I need to SSH regularly into Linux machines on AWS. I want to just hop over into a CLI and SSH on over to my instance from my Windows 10 machine but the common way of doing so is to configure and launch PuTTy to establish the SSH session. I like PuTTy, but there are […]

Fault Tolerance with Application Load Balancing in AWS.

The Elastic Load Balancer helps ensure traffic is evenly distributed across servers. Very helpful when dealing with high traffic loads and potential denial of service conditions whether accidental or intentional.  AWS ELB comes in three flavors, Application Load Balancer ALB, Network Load Balancer NLB, and the Classic Elastic Load Balancer. With the AWS ELB service, inbound traffic […]